• Significantly improved overall system reliability and performance

  • IT spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than ‘fighting fires’

  • Predictable network and system management costs

  • Improved security

  • An outsourced IT management solution

Program Elements

Included Proactive Services

Proactive Server Advanced Performance Monitoring
Key Application Maintenance
OS Patch Management
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Proactive Workstation OS Patch Management
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
Availability Monitoring
Proactive Backup Backup Deployment & Configuration
Backup Performance Monitoring
Backup Software Updates
Scheduled Backup Jobs
Proactive Support Quarterly Network Health Review
Additional Network, End-user & Network Support Billed at T&M Rates
Proactive Security Anti-Virus Monitoring & Management
Anti-Spam Monitoring & Management
Proactive Network Router/Switch Monitoring